Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Flashback! Zobel 2000's 10th year high school reunion

Many of us consider our high school years the best years in our lives. High school was when we met some of the most important people in our lives, our batchmates, which include our best friends then, and if we are lucky enough, still our best friends now. I will never forget high school.

It has been 10 years since I've graduated high school (If you didn't know, I studied high school in De La Salle Zobel here in Alabang, Philippines) and this is the year of our 10th year high school reunion. Knowing my batch, how competitive we are, how we think we're the BEST in everything (we really are! hehe), and how we wanted everyone to know that (ang yabang namin no!), I knew this would be a big event. I heard my batchmates Ben, Joei, and Russ were organizing the event, and I wanted to help so I volunteered my "talent" (HUWAW) as my contribution. I thought that considering the nature of my job, there's probably something I can do to help generate buzz about the reunion and make it a little more fun / interesting. I told them I'd help with creatives: teasers, invites, collaterals, the AVP, basically anything that needed a creative touch.

Needless to say, this project was very close to my heart.

I would like to share some of the creatives we've done. I also just want to share that I even got a little emotional when I was conceptualizing some of these materials. Complete with teary eyes (especially the AVP, nevermind that I was finishing it until 4am the day of the reunion). Hahaha it's funny 'cos it's true.

Teasers (our concept was 90s):

And then, there was the reunion countdown, 10 Days to go before the reunion: 10 Reasons to go to your high school reunion (with the help of Russ, who did the wonderful layout). Here are some of the reasons.


Official invite:


So, after all the preparations... and everyone's excitement, the day finally came. October 23rd 2010 at the Alabang Country Club, 7:30 pm.

I did one last material which was shown at the reunion: our AVP... Okay, actually there was no time to finish an actual AVP. So what I did was a powerpoint slideshow of old and recent pictures of everyone in our batch, plus a simple edit of our old cheering video. I couldn't really upload the slideshow (how?) so I'll embed the old video instead:

Too bad I can't show you the entire slide show. Doon talaga ako naging emotional eh. Sa totoo lang, napaka-senti nung slide show na ginawa ko! Hehehe. But yes, it was very simple (it's the thought that counts!). At least I got what I wanted when I showed it to my batchmates, which was a whole lot of reminiscing and goose bumps galore!  Grabe it's surreal to see yourself that young on video. I don't think anyone ever thought that many years later we'd be gathered as a batch just to watch our high school selves (and our batch kicked ASS in cheering competitions, if I do say so myself). I didn't really know what feelings I should expect with planning, executing, and attending my high school reunion so all the emotions were new to me. New but very nice. Definitely a once in a lifetime feeling.

So that's it!  Really, my blog entry does not give justice to all the fun we had during the event. Our reunion will go down in history, as the best Zobel 2000 gathering TO DATE! As some of our batchmates said, the reunion just beat our PROM. Imagine that.
Hehehe, ang OA, enough with the cockiness. Okay, but seriously, we had a flashbackin' and a spankin' good time! Are you convinced? No? Look how many people attended the reunion... and it was still early when this picture was taken!
Zobel 2000: 10 years later
Yun lang po. Batchmates, see you all on our 15th year! =)

Many thanks to the organizers (Ben, Joei, Russ), to all the batchmates who pitched in the planning and funding, and all those who attended the reunion. My love for batch 2000 is forever! Animo Zobel 2000! Animo La Salle!


  1. Thank you to Iza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Blogged about this, too. Special mention ka also ;)

    Thank you again Iza!

  3. Ben and Joei: Can't thank you enough! You know what, I just realized it's going to be hard to top this for our 15th but for sure we're gonna brrrring it! Hehe. Joei, yes I read your blog post, thank you. =)

  4. We should give ourselves a pat on the back.
    I still get goosebumps whenever I watch the cheering videos. I'm glad that we all helped put this reunion together, looking forward to our 15th year. We will outdo ourselves for the 15th year :)