Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Looooove Boat

Hellooooo to the underworld of the cyberworld, the unfailing and always trustworthy blogosphere! Yes, when Facebook, Twitter, and friends fail to amuse, we always have our good old blogs to help us promote ourselves. Thank God!

I've wanted to blog about this topic since about 3 weeks ago, but for some reason couldn't get around to doing it. (I say "for some reason" because I literally could not think of any reason, except for "I was lazy". Don't believe everything you read/hear... I'm not really that busy. Sure, there are deadlines, client's demands, and bosses' expectations. But I say, if you've got time to play Hotel City, you have time to blog, baby!)

Oooookay, back to the topic. As some of you might already know, another season just ended, thus another one beginning, thus thus some of our favorite TV shows going on breaks until the next season, thus thus thus SEASON FINALES. Yeeerps! For the next few entries, I will blog about season finale episodes of my current favorite shows. Now, I must warn you... Each post will contain a truckload of spoilers, so if you watch the following: GLEE, HOUSE, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, and COMMUNITY... and have not been up to date, please watch and update yourself first (if you don't like reading spoilers) before reading! When you're done, shed a few tears for the awesomeness you've just seen, go back to my blog, read, and THANK ME FOR REMINDING YOU. Okay? You're welcome. ;)

About the post title, I have a reason for that... and you will soon figure it out. No, I'm not going to talk about the defunct 80's show. Just read on, baby... 


The magic of Glee comes from its core idea, the heart of the show: MUSIC. Music is truly the universal language, and sometimes can draw out emotions that mere words cannot express. I think Glee is a brilliant yet simple idea, and I applaud it.

As the first season of the celebrated FOX series ends, it all comes down to this - the regional finals! It begins with Coach Sue Sylvester (coach of the Mckinley High cheering squad, the Cheerios) informing Mr. Will Schuester (Glee Club director) that she will be one of the celebrity judges of which his beloved Glee Club (New Directions) would have to impress in the regional competition (remember that in the beginning of the show, Principal Figgins permitted that the Glee Club be formed only under one condition, that they win the regional finals or they get disbanded). It seemed that the fate of the Glee Club is now in Coach Sylvester's hands... and judging from the way Coach has been making life a living hell for Mr. Schuester and his Glee kids all season, surely New Directions does not stand a chance winning regionals with her in the judges table. Alas, it seemed that Glee Club would be over! Well, at least that's what the scriptwriters wanted us to think.

First of all, and I am not embarrassed to say this... I cried like a baby through the entire episode! Hey I actually know a few grown men who were not able to hold back the tears while watching this episode... so no making fun! The first batch of tears started falling when everyone started crying in the Glee kids' "first regional set list party", feeling so desperate and lost by the turn of events. Everyone of them, even those who didn't want to admit it, had held a special place in their heart for the Glee Club. It's heartbreaking to watch a group of hopeful kids give up something that they had grown to love. Sort of like taking candy from a a baby, then you see the baby cry. (right?)

Mr. Schuester eventually decides that New Directions will be doing a medley of songs by the band Journey for their regional finals performance. New Directions sang their hearts out with a medley of "Faithfully", "Any Way You Want It / Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" and "Don't Stop Believing". Each one of them sang as if they were singing their last song ever. Their energy was contagious as the crowd jumped up, danced, and cheered them on.

Major competition and the previous year's national champs, Vocal Adrenaline, then performed an outstanding rendition of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". The scene was edited into Quinn Fabray's (New Directions member, pregnant ex-cheerio and Finn's ex-girlfriend) defining moment as she gives birth to a baby girl. I have read a lot of negative comments about this scene, but I personally like it. It was a fresh idea that I think did not compromise the emotions that the writers wanted the viewers to feel. Also, it took the focus away from Vocal Adrenaline, the "antagonist" of the show.

As expected, Vocal Adrenaline won the regionals. Cheers echoed throughout the auditorium as Vocal Adrenaline claimed their victory. Mr. Schuester and his New Directions, on the other hand, fought back their tears as they realize they did not even place in the competition. I personally think New Directions could not have won that competition, because 1) Vocal Adrenaline was definitely better, performance wise; and 2) More tension from Vocal Adrenaline had to continue through the next season, as the conflict between the two groups grew (Rachel's failed relationships with Jesse St. James, Vocal Adrenaline's lead, and Shelby Corchoran, her estranged biological mother and Vocal Adrenaline's director).

Coach Sylvester's role as "the pseudo-villain" was definitely highlighted in this episode, as the audience was given a peek of how the judging process really went down. I must admit, this part I found quite predictable. It was obvious that Coach Sylvester had a vital role in the regional finals when she was weaved into the panel of celebrity judges. It was like the episode was begging for a twist in the end. Naturally, It was revealed that Coach Sylvester actually voted for New Directions to win the competition, but was outvoted by her co-judges. Finally, she went to Principal Figgins and demanded that the Glee Club be given another year.

That basically concludes Season 1 of Glee. It was a good finale, although honestly quite predictable. What I liked about it is the way it had let emotions burst out from each character, but still managed to be believable. Glee is a high school drama anyway, and high school is definitely an emotional time for almost all of us. I am definitely looking forward to season 2 to see how the story unfolds.

A few notes:

a. Definitely one of my favorite moments in this episode was when Finn Hudson, the male lead singer, overwhelmed with his feelings for the female lead, Rachel Berry, quickly approached his lady love seconds before they begin their opening performance at regionals. It was an unexpected, touching moment when after Rachel told him to "break a leg", he answers with an honest "I love you."

b. Mr. Schuester's love affair with Ms. Emma Pillsbury (Mckinley High's neurotic guidance counselor) was given an ellipsis, after Emma, who was outraged with the results of the regionals, stormed Principal Figgins' office to allegedly "fight for the Glee kids". Will approached Emma and questioned her motives for fighting so dedicatedly for the Glee kids. It was obvious that Emma had some baggage about their failed romance, but wanted so desperately to move on (prior to this scene, Emma told Will that she started dating her dentist since they broke up). Finally, Will kissed her and said, "I love you... and you love me.... and dentist or no, this thing isn't over between us". (that's two!)

c. Not to be outdone, there was Quinn and Puck (the resident hunky "bad guy"), when after Quinn gave birth to their baby, she asks him if he ever loved her. Puck's answer? You guessed it... "Yes... Especially now." (numero tres... notice a pattern here?) This ended with Quinn giving the baby up for adoption. The adoptive mother? Vocal Adrenaline's director, Shelby Corchoran.

So... that's this show, and I give this a 4/5. Tune in to the next episode of Love Boat, same place, same channel. I plan to revisit a certain overtly cynical doctor. Cheers!