Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pain is Beauty, and Beauty's a Pain

Disclaimer: Specifics may have been changed, not affecting the outcome of this story. This is to protect the author from losing her job.
Know what I hate? 

(a little side note: I've always "disliked" using the word HATE, but this is an exception)

I absolutely HATE generic, template commercials. I just HATE them with every ounce of passion I could muster. One example? Beauty products! All the same old same old shampoo and skincare ads with the same... MESTIZA LOOKING GIRL WHO IN THE NEAR FUTURE WILL GET A CONTRACT WITH ABS-CBN OR GMA... LONG SHINY HAIR WITH NOT A STRAND OF HAIR OUT OF PLACE... SILKY, CREAMY, FLAWLESS, AND YOUNGER-LOOKING SKIN IN 24 HOURS... CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS... Ayayay! Everyone's just doing and saying the same thing! I know I sound like a self-righteous, angsty, goth teenager with no friends, but this is really how I feel! Must we conform to the same old ad template every single time??? Look, I'm not saying I'm not guilty of creating such template ads... as they say, there's a reason why the "formulas" are so popular. What I'm only saying is, I don't like creating such ads! It's sickening!

But, wait... there's more!

Guess who's pitching for a beauty product account and is now writing a beauty product commercial? (Clue: we have the same hair color and length! She also has a pesky mole right smack on the bridge of her nose, which many tell her is her lucky charm.)

Well, I know this writer very well. She will make it different! She will not conform! Down with the templates! (unless the client wants a template ad, and in that case... it's not the writer's fault, my dear friends.)

Here's a lesson I've learned these past few days: don't blame the writer!

Principles? Shminciples!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Love... love... love. / Tweeting consequences

"There's nothing you can do that can't be done... Nothing you can sing that can't be sung..."

Forgive me, for tonight I feel enveloped in an awesome luurrrve mood all of a sudden. This doesn't happen too often so, you know... just let me be. One night only.

First, I want to share this Puma TVC I found on the interwebs. Such a simple yet sweet balance of soft and tough.

Maybe some of you are now wondering (if anyone actually reads the nonsense in my blog), so let me set the record straight... I'm not in love. I can almost hear you screaming "yihee!", whoever you are ms./mr. lurker (again, I'm just assuming people find my stuff remotely interesting). There is no new boy. Not even a crush. If there was anyone, even just someone with potential, I won't deny it. So, stop it already. (Am I talking to myself again? Yes, unfortunately. See what I did there?)

I don't know, I just feel love-inspired. The general kind of love. You know, love of others? Loving thy neighbor? Forgiveness? People on the street, giving and receiving. People doing good deeds. Friends who'd drop everything for another friend. That kind. That's love... and that's inspiring.

It's weird that I had to classify the kind of love I'm talking about. I'm not really sure there are different kinds of love. I mean, isn't it the same thing? I'm not talking about the feeling, alright, 'cos that's different. Oh God, here I go again with the nonsense.

Moving on...

Tweeting consequences

I just had a revelation. Twitter can be as evil as facebook.

Yeah, a strong statement I know. About facebook, I'm sure many of you have been victimized by the horrible yet juicy and addictive gossip central time-sucker that is facebook. Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty as charged, 'cos no matter how much I BELIEVE that facebook is an evil corporation ran by the devil himself, I just can't rid myself of the damned thing. I'm being screwed and still hooked... and the devil is happy. And with the entire facebook population getting hooked? Facebook population is not just the size of a country, it's a continent, for Christ's sake. The devil cries tears of joy for the continent of souls he owns now, and I'm one of them.

Twitter, on the other hand... I always thought twitter was my quiet sanctuary. Things I would never EVER post on facebook, I post on twitter. Whenever I need an escape from all the evil facebook noise, I go to the bird and I tweet my heart out. This is fine if you have a private twitter profile (like mine), but not if you don't remember everyone who's been following your every tweet. 

See, I'm a little more liberated on twitter. Blame the bird... that thing makes me feel different about myself. I've been spilling my guts without even thinking who sees my tweets. Let's just leave it at that 'cos blogspot is the only friendly territory I have now and I don't want to ruin it by saying too much again. 

Twitter is facebook's less-evil-but-evil-nonetheless twin sister. If facebook is the self-confessed gossip monger, then twitter is the one who swears will keep her mouth shut, then reveals all your secrets to the next person. Painful I know, but the truth is, twitter looks sweeter (I meant to rhyme), but it does have a hidden dark side.